Vexatious Tracks #001

EARWORM: “a tune or part of a song that repeats in one’s mind.”

Welcome to the insidious world of VEXATIOUS TRACKS! Each episode, Warlock Matt and Dagon analyze a song that we define as an EARWORM. Concerned? Fear not! We…


Furious Sound #032- Streamlined

This week we listen to The Devil Dogs, The Quintessentials, Bullet Treatment, Golden Slugs, Hairspray Queen, ‘Ritis, Dream Job, Concrete Control, and more! It’s a belated, hardcore kick in the nuts to start the new year 2019/LIV A.S.!


Hellabaloo #018- Dagon Gets Vexed!

This week we listen to Mark Malibu and the Wasagas, The Motherlode, Civic, Nikola Death Ray, Beach Bugs, Los Tremoleros, and more! It’s a leaner, meaner Hellabaloo, with an exciting announcement at the end of the show. Also, Dagon’s attention…


Furious Sound #031- Legends

This week we listen to Buzzcocks, Murphy’s Law, Evil Engine, Incisions, Snuffed, Stretch Marks, Outpatients, and more! It’s a bittersweet show, as we celebrate departed legends while also discovering new artists ready to make their imprint on hardcore.



Hellabaloo #017- The Giant Inflatable Turkey Leg

This week we listen to Fast Cars, The Space Cossacks, Surf Zombies, The Chocolate Watchband, Vietcong ’68, The Snarks, Los Mojos, the great Roy Clark, and more! As per usual, Dagon gets easily distracted and barely does his job. Classic…


Hellabaloo #016- It’s The Great Dagon, Warlock Matt

It’s The Great Dagon, Warlock Matt

Happy Hallowe’en! This week we listen to chilling tracks from Wild Evel and The Trashbones, Genki Genki Panic, Daikaiju, Satan’s Pilgrims, Wimps, The 427’s, Black Magic Beach Party, The 69 Cats, and more! It’s…


Furious Sound #030- Halloween II

It’s the second annual Furious Sound Hallowe’en special! Join Warlock Matt, as he lands the interview of a lifetime with a real-life SASQUATCH! It’s over an hour of horror and hardcore as we listen to Hanson Brothers, Wehrmacht, The Dwarves…


RCD: The Paranormal

In honour of the spooky season, I had a chance to discuss the Paranormal with Reverend Campbell on Speak of the Devil.



Furious Sound #029- Year One!

It’s the first anniversary of Furious Sound! We listen to The Damned, Wasted Youth, Cringer, Outright, The Foul English, Pizzatramp, Laid To Rest, Bummer, Hex, The Butcher Project, and loads more! It’s an episode of indulgence, as Warlock Matt plays…


RCI: Citizen Matt

ICYMI, at the end of this past May I was a guest with Rev. Campbell on his RCI series of interviews. Here's the link to the Speak of the Devil page for the interview, and if you feel so inclined…

Introducing HELLABALOO!

It's official, I've gone off the deep end and added another project to my workload. Introducing HELLABALOO!, a new podcast on Radio Free Satan that will feature Garage, Ska, and Surf Rock. Click the pic to go to the…