The Story So Far

Matt is one busy, bald dude. As the lead vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and well, 'everything' for extreme metal artist Crossed Streams, hardcore punk basher Ketone Militia, Surf instrumental band The Lurids, and his eponymous, eclectic instrumental-based project, this solo artist/producer from Ottawa Canada hasn't yet figured out a machine to manufacture more hours in a day. Matt has, however, figured out how to create an invigorating, and at times haunting, repertoire of music.

Matt's life has been centered around music, the pivotal moment was getting his first guitar at the age of 10. Numerous attempts at taking formal lessons unfortunately fizzled out, so he is largely a self-taught musician. His early influences ranged from Kiss to Queen to Iron Maiden, before the lightning bolt hit and he was introduced to Thrash Metal acts like Metallica and Slayer in 1986. A typical story, but metal is only part of the tale as other key musical influences include artists like The Kinks, Grateful Dead, The Who, and a truly intense love of surf guitar instrumentals. These ingredients are front and center in The Lurids and his various other works. Playing live gigs in hardcore punk bands starting at the tender age of 15 completed the education. 

July 2016 saw the official launch of a new label "ChillPatch Records", which handles both his works and eventually that of other like-minded artists. In February 2018, the label was re-branded Devil's Lair Productions to consolidate the label, an online 'zine, and podcasts, under one umbrella.

Matt also has experience as a paranormal investigator, a parallel lifelong passion, joining up with the Michelle McKay-led ColdSpot Paranormal Research in 2008. He can be seen as Michelle's assistant investigator on the 2011 Investigation Discovery Canada series "Paranormal Home Inspectors", which was later aired in various countries around the world, re-branded in the U.S., and aired on Destination America, Netflix, and Hulu. Matt has provided the score for various videos produced by Michelle for her website

In August 2017 he launched Furious Sound, a Hardcore punk podcast currently airing on Radio Free Satan and available for streaming on iTunes. In February 2018, he started another podcast HELLABALOO!, featuring Garage, Ska, and Surf Rock.

The future for Matt is music, music, and more music! Along with keeping the bands rocking, and writing about himself in the third person, he plans to get more involved in scoring music for TV, film and documentaries. Please contact Matt through this website for any inquiries or interest in using his music in your project!