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Hellabaloo #024-Dagon and Matt Make a Podcast! 

This week we listen to Drunk Mums, Nuclear Juarez, The Apaches, The Coffin Daggers, The Haunts, Shadow Show, North By North, and more! For reasons unknown to even ourselves, we recorded a show. As always, we pledge to deliver absolutely nothing of value outside of backbeats and reverb!

Furious Sound #036- The Big Fink Beer Bamboozle 

This week we listen to Agnostic Front (Twice!), Last Rights, Warzone, Slapshot, Cro-Mags, Converge, Down To This, and more! It’s another lame crossover episode with Hellabaloo, as Tchort arrives unannounced with a new Fink for your entertainment…Belial! Is this all just a scam for free beer? Probably.

Hellabaloo #023- Bummertime 

This week we listen to The Krontjong Devils, The Modernes, Johnny Apollo, The Night Times, Lazerlips, Sore Thumb, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and more! Dagon and Warlock Matt present a summertime episode! Unless, of course, you’re in Australia. In that case it would be winter, but probably still decent temperature-wise.

Furious Sound #035- Dog Days 

This week we listen to Varukers, Rated X, 7Seconds, Drazic, The Kreutzer Sonata, Rained In, SPOTS, and more! Since we are hiding from the summer sun anyways, may as well put out an episode of Furious Sound!

Hellabaloo #022- Fink Squared 

This week we listen to The Topshots, The Seatopians, Didi Wray, The Jet Black, Severance Package, Surferific Dudes, Thee Benevolent Tarots, and more! Warlock Matt is AWOL for this episode, and Dagon decides to host the show with Derek. Let’s see how that big galoot handles working with a difficult sound engineer!