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Hellabaloo #026- Dagon’s Choice Cuts 

This week, we listen to Wild Evel and the Trashbones, Amy Klein, The Coathangers, The Ventures, Messer Chups, Marshmallow Overcoat, The Bad Signs, and more! Dagon flies solo in the Wayback Machine, as he selects his top track from each of the first 24 episodes of Hellabaloo. It’s not a clip show…YOU’RE A CLIP SHOW!

Hellabaloo #025- Psychedelic FINK! 

This week we take a time trip with some heavy 20th century sounds from Pink Floyd, Moby Grape, Electric Prunes, Lemon Pipers, Moody Blues, some beat group from Liverpool, and MORE! It’s a trippy, hippie-dippy, craptacular spectacular! Join Warlock Matt and Dagon as they discuss GNOMES.

Furious Sound #037- Deja Vu 

This week we listen to Black Flag, Reagan Youth, Murphy’s Law, Bad Religion, Pagans, Agent Orange, and more. If you think you’ve seen it all before, you’re absolutely right!

Hellabaloo #024-Dagon and Matt Make a Podcast! 

This week we listen to Drunk Mums, Nuclear Juarez, The Apaches, The Coffin Daggers, The Haunts, Shadow Show, North By North, and more! For reasons unknown to even ourselves, we recorded a show. As always, we pledge to deliver absolutely nothing of value outside of backbeats and reverb!

Furious Sound #036- The Big Fink Beer Bamboozle 

This week we listen to Agnostic Front (Twice!), Last Rights, Warzone, Slapshot, Cro-Mags, Converge, Down To This, and more! It’s another lame crossover episode with Hellabaloo, as Tchort arrives unannounced with a new Fink for your entertainment…Belial! Is this all just a scam for free beer? Probably.