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Welcome To 2017...?

2017. Should be a boring year, right? In honour of rational self-interest, I'm planning to be even more selfish and insulated from the outside world this year. Is this even possible? Let's find out!

I'm currently working on a scoring project right now, with an eye towards a late April release. I'll post about it at that time. As you may have noticed (and if you've visited here enough to notice...I love you!) I did a somewhat minor revamp of the site as of today. While I'm uber-appreciative of everything I've been able to do through CDBaby and HostBaby over the last 7 odd (!) years, I must say I feel like some of the features have become a little stagnant. It would be nice to get more template updates from HostBaby, in particular.

As for original music, I'm still in a holding pattern. Writing is happening, but not enough to really call this slump over. In the meantime, and to satisfy a creative itch, I did a couple of lyric videos for some old Crossed Streams songs. 




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