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Behold! ChillPatch Records!

Breaking News! Well, sort of. As of literally less than two hours ago, I've founded a label! "ChillPatch Records" will be the official banner for all of my releases, but hopefully I'll get to release some music or spoken word from other independent acts. That's the plan anyways. Check it out!

New 'Video' Tab!

Just a quick note...I added a new 'Video' tab just below the Bio link. If I may kiss Host Baby's arse for a moment, it's a splendid addition to the site capabilities...

Still working on the new Crossed Streams EP, but also finished a short orchestral collaboration that I'm hoping to make a video for sometime soon...

Spring is friggin' here, finally...

2016 Plans

It's already over a month into 2016 (during the EASIEST Ottawa winter ever!) and I'm finally getting into some serious songwriting again. I'm currently working on a Crossed Streams EP that I hope to release this spring. Here's a short video of some of the rhythm guitar tracking for a song called "The Lone Wolf"... 


New! Hammer Smashed Radio Christmas Comp!

Check out Crossed Streams, and a ton of excellent bands, on the third edition of the Hammer Smashed Radio Christmas Comp! 


HSR Christmas Comp III

Been Awhile!

Well, it took almost four years before I made a video for this song...but here is an orchestral piece from 2012 called "Fulfilling The Journey". It was written specifically to be used in some of my friend Michelle's UFO videos, and was completed over the 2011/2012 holidays. 

Stepping Into The Wayback Machine- 1993!

Hoo Boy! Note the lack of cellphones. The kids are actually watching the show, or chatting with their friends in person. It's pretty easy to romanticize a certain era of one's life, and seeing this clip of myself and my band playing a gig in 1993 qualifies for the warm and fuzzies. As usual though, the reality was entirely different than the fuzzy analog memories. One of the songs was called "No Regrets". Do I still believe that in 2015...?


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