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RCD: The Paranormal

In honour of the spooky season, I had a chance to discuss the Paranormal with Reverend Campbell on Speak of the Devil.


RCI: Citizen Matt

ICYMI, at the end of this past May I was a guest with Rev. Campbell on his RCI series of interviews. Here's the link to the Speak of the Devil page for the interview, and if you feel so inclined please give Rev. Campbell a follow as his channel provides outstanding content!

Citizen Matt (Me!) on Speak of the Devil

Here's the video of the interview itself on YouTube!

RCI: Citizen Matt


Introducing HELLABALOO!

It's official, I've gone off the deep end and added another project to my workload. Introducing HELLABALOO!, a new podcast on Radio Free Satan that will feature Garage, Ska, and Surf Rock. Click the pic to go to the show page, the first episode is posted already. Also, we meet DAGON, either the best or worst sound engineer on the planet. (Unconfirmed.) Thanks!


The Satanic Players Society: Lufer Ma'ar and the Wall Mountains

Check out the latest episode from The Satanic Players Society, "Lufer-Ma'ar and the Wall Mountains". It features background music by yours truly (an unreleased composition called "Wraith"), and I exercise my voice acting chops with a gripping performance in the role of "Kurntote". I fully expect Kurntote to have his own spin-off series as a grizzled police detective that solves crimes with the help of his gorgeous secretary, Mimi. At least, that's the speculation from my end. 

Enjoy the show!

Furious Sound Episode #010- Hallowe'en!

The first ever Furious Sound Hallowe'en SPECTACULAR is posted and ready for listening at Radio Free Satan!



Furious Sound- One Month Later

Okay, maybe more like a month and a half. Furious Sound, my new podcast on Radio Free Satan, is seemingly doing very well! I'm getting nice engagement from listeners so far. As this is my first podcast, I don't know what to compare it to in terms of "success" but I'm excited enough to keep pushing forward at full speed. I'm releasing an episode a week at this point, which has been slightly difficult as putting together the playlists seems to be the most time consuming task. I'll re-evaluate the episode schedule after Hallowe'en.

Here is Episode #007 for you to check out! Furious Sound #007



Furious Sound Podcast

Great News! I just launched a brand new podcast on Radio Free Satan! It's called FURIOUS SOUND, and I will be playing a selection of punk and hardcore songs from the last 40 years. 

Tune in HERE!



New Single Released!

"Waiting For Longer Days", my latest single, has just officially released today! Here is the CDBaby link for purchase, or you can stream it at the usual sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

You may recognize the song from the video that has been playing in the background of the site for the last while. I've since remixed and remastered the song for the official release. At this time, I don't anticipate the song being a part of a future album so that's why I decided to make it a one-off single.

Thanks for reading and listening!


Welcome To 2017...?

2017. Should be a boring year, right? In honour of rational self-interest, I'm planning to be even more selfish and insulated from the outside world this year. Is this even possible? Let's find out!

I'm currently working on a scoring project right now, with an eye towards a late April release. I'll post about it at that time. As you may have noticed (and if you've visited here enough to notice...I love you!) I did a somewhat minor revamp of the site as of today. While I'm uber-appreciative of everything I've been able to do through CDBaby and HostBaby over the last 7 odd (!) years, I must say I feel like some of the features have become a little stagnant. It would be nice to get more template updates from HostBaby, in particular.

As for original music, I'm still in a holding pattern. Writing is happening, but not enough to really call this slump over. In the meantime, and to satisfy a creative itch, I did a couple of lyric videos for some old Crossed Streams songs. 




Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en!

It was a great thrill for me to have my song "All This Work" appear in the Hallowe'en episode "Fueled By Sex and Sin" by the Satanic Players Society! Here is the link to have a listen, and give them a like on Facebook or a follow on Soundcloud if it pleases you. 

Soundcloud- Fueled By Sex And Sin- The Satanic Players Society

"This episode not only features performances by our full troupe of players, but also has special guest appearances from Citizen Clover K, High Priestess Peggy Nadramia and High Priest Peter H Gilmore. Our special Halloween soundtrack features “Monster” by Revolver 1010, “All This Work” by Matt Barnett, “Misery” and “Sapphire” by Sarah, “Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!” by Down Among The Dead Men and “The Feared Religion” by Echelon. Special thanks also goes to Larry Bradley Photography for providing us with the image of the lovely Ophelia Rain for the cover art."

Website- The Satanic Players Society

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